Blue Nine puts its clients at the heart of everything. it has the
ability to adapt and evolve to support its clients' ever-changing needs.

Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services to both private and commercial premises to ensure buildings not only look clean but also provide your staff and visitors with a healthier and safer work environment.

Our services include:

  • Hospital cleaning and Infection control
  • Office cleaning
  • Specialist environments
  • Hygiene and waste services
  • Deep and periodic cleaning



Our adept staff at Blue Nine are equipped to handle an array of administrative duties, ranging from answering phone calls, welcoming visitors, to managing deliveries. They uphold a professional demeanour, ensuring your organisation is represented in the best possible way.
Their unique training enables them to work in tandem with our security personnel. This collaboration offers an added layer of protection for your premises. This dual role approach means that our front desk personnel not only provide excellent customer service, but also contribute to the overall security of your site.

Our other services

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Security Services

Ensure unparalleled safety and security for your business or event with our highly professional security services

CCTV Installation and Monitoring

Secure your premises with Blue Nine's CCTV solutions, expertly identifying and addressing suspicious or criminal activity for maximum safety and assurance

Fire and Traffic Marshals

Ensure safety and regulatory compliance with Blue Nine's proficient Fire and Traffic Marshals, expertly trained for emergency response and traffic management

Blue nine is an SIA Approved Contractor for Security Guarding and Key Holding